What Our Clients Have To Say

I was fortunate to train with Chris Rusnock and learn and grow under his mentorship and strength & conditioning knowledge and programming. If it wasn’t for “the edge” I gained from this I would’ve never been able to compete at a Division 1 level. I was even considering a run at the Canadian Olympic Team, if I lived closer to Chris! I know he would’ve been there in my corner and pushing me into greatness! Thank You Coach for being a part of my growth & life.
Sarah MacIsaac • UCONN Soccer
Dear Chris, I would like to tell you how pleased I am with your training of Nate. No matter what sport Nate competed, he was prepared because of your training plan. Observing how you attacked each new season with different training techniques, monitoring and varying the training throughout each season is a testament to your dedication to your job. The time and effort that you invested in keeping up on your business has not gone unappreciated by Karen and I. I’m sure that there are trainers that make a good living just telling clients what to lift, how many times and how to do the exercise correctly. But you are a fine teacher also. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and teaching Nathan good diet, hydration, mental discipline and excellent exercise techniques. I know that all of what Nate has learned from you has taken him to higher levels in football, basketball, and track than he would have on his own. This knowledge will stay with him his entire life. Making playoffs and personal awards are all what come from hard work and dedication. Thanks again, Chris, for being a part of Nate’s life in high school and going forward. We are all looking forward to Nate’s opportunity at I.U. P. hopefully, you will still mentor Nate as a collegiate scholar athlete. On a personal note, I must tell you that I truly believe in God’s word that wisdom, true wisdom, is mentored by wise counsel. I have had help from others. Deken has been blessed by other men who were mentors to him and you have been a blessing in Nate’s life and hopefully, eventually for Josh too. I will always think of you as part of my family. Thank you and may you be blessed with great success.
Keith George
I felt compelled to write this testimonial because of the huge difference Chris’s workouts and overall knowledge of diet and fitness has changed my body, I lost 12pounds without losing muscle mass and I have a lot more energy. In this day of supplements and quick weight loss schemes, muscle milk and worse of all steroidsChris understands that it takes a good fitness program along with a clean, healthy diet. I started working with Chris in an adult group session and have moved to a one on one work out twice a week it’s been 7 months and I could not be happier! I realize there are a lot of choices as it pertains to fitness experts or so called fitness experts and cross fit groups but do yourself a favor and give Chris a call and set up your session today!
Kelly Polechko
I am writing to congratulate Chris Rusnock on the opening of his new gym. I would highly recommend Chris as a personal trainer for any potential athlete or anyone simply wanting to get into the best shape they possibly can. My daughter, Olivia Gumbita, was the varsity softball pitcher for Latrobe High School. Chris was her personal trainer leading into her senior year. What a difference training with Chris made! Latrobe won their division and made the playoffs. Olivia also played travel softball with the Pittsburgh Power Gold and traveled to Florida and Georgia to play. She was eventually offered academic/athletic scholarships to various colleges. She chose Division II Gannon University. I truly feel Chris prepared her for the conditioning required to play any sport and be the best you can be. She felt good about herself and this training also prepared her mentally. Chris made her want to be the best she could be and she always looked forward to training with him. He also prepared her for the college workout she needed and went the extra step in contacting her college coach. Olivia will continue working with Chris during her summer break simply because his training works. I thank Chris because he goes the extra step for his clients. It’s not just a job to Chris, he takes his job seriously and it shows.
Kevin Gumbita
I recently reached out to Rusnock Sports Performance & Fitness because I was frustrated with the lack of results I was getting from the program I had been doing for the last several years, it just wasn’t working for me. Coach Chris helped me understand what I was doing wrong and why I wasn’t seeing the results I was expecting. My experience of working with Coach Chris has been enlightening and very educational. Chris’s understanding of what his clients need to be successful is extensive. His facility is state of the art and his staff is very knowledgeable. I am finally seeing the results I was expecting! I highly recommend Coach Chris & Rusnock Sports Performance & Fitness to anyone looking to see results the right way!
Christi Pacienza
Approximately 3 years ago I decided I wanted to do something for myself now that my children were off to college. I wanted to be “healthy and fit” as I was approaching 50!!! My Daughter had been working with Chris and she suggested I talk with him! I contacted Chris, started working with him one day a week to “ease into” a routine. About 3 months later I was up to two days a week and now I’m there 3 days a week!!! Chris asks what you are trying to accomplish and truly helps you attain your goal!!! I am healthy, pushing 270 on the sled, 15 pull ups (which I couldn’t do until I was 47), and two sizes down in my clothes!!! I am 50 and fabulous and I owe it all to Chris as he inspires, motivates, supports, most of all he is your advocate!!!
Janet Zombek
I have been training at Rusnock Sports Performace and Fitness for about three years. Not only have I progressed tremendously as an athlete, but I also have enjoyed myself while training. The fun but serious environment helps you get things done while having a smile on your face. I will soon be playing at a high level soccer program and Chris has helped me every step of the way.
Ava Petrosky
Chris is a great coach. In the 10 months that I’ve been coming to his facility, I’ve never seen him be anything but upbeat, positive and encouraging. He’s helped me build strength, especially upper body strength, which allows me to do the things I would want to, including “extreme gardening.”
Karen Jurkovic
My younger brother Cole has been training at RSP&F for over a year now and I cannot even begin to describe how much he has improved not only as an athlete but also as an individual. While spectating his hockey games from the stands, I notice a significant improvement in the way he skates, body checks other players, and his ability to maintain his balance when getting hit; like my parents and I say, he’s a “rock!” Putting bias aside, Cole is one of the strongest 13 year olds I have ever seen. He lifts more weight than your average 16-17 year old; I could not be happier and prouder of him. As an individual, he has without a doubt gained a better and more positive attitude from training at RSP&F; it is evident from talking to him and seeing how he carries himself. I am extremely happy to see him become a stronger version of himself each and every day. Thank you so much Chris for helping him maximizing his potential!
Zack Ferri