“ My name is on the business because I truly believe in what I do, and I’m not afraid to back it up.” Christian Rusnock CSCS, XPS, FMS Level 1

Mission Statement

To provide the finest systems, coaching, and facilities, seamlessly integrated to efficiently and ethically enhance our athletes’/clients’ performance.


Remaining true to our athletes and mission, all training techniques, methods, and nutritional supplementation are safe and ethical.


RSP&F applies systems that generate results. We will provide you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level. RSP&F is solely dedicated to helping you maximize your potential by:

  1. Improving performance (career productivity)
  2. Decreasing injury potential (career longevity)
  3. Motivating through education (strategies for success)

Helping you achieve your goals is our passion and priority. Every program places a major emphasis on the educational components of training. Only by understanding our specific training methods, and how each applies to your sport, can you truly achieve greater success.  Each athlete/client will undergoe a Functional Movement Screen prior to any one on one training.  With this screen we can pinpoint any dysfunction the individual has and then create a specific program for that individual.  In fact, RSPF is the only facility in the 156 zip code certified to administer this screen.  Learn more here on the FMS system