January Blog – Nutrition

Nutrition is simple, Protein, Veggies, and fruit. We all know what to eat and how to eat. There blog is done, That was easy. Wish it was that easy! But we all know it isn’t, I tell my clients & athletes treat grain like an allergy. If you eat it then you are going to get sick, break out in hives or whatever. Grain will make you fat, and yes I said the “F” word. You will realize I’m not politically correct. The best exercise you can do to lose weight is the table pusher, just eat less, less grains ie carbs. Most Fat people just eat too much. Remember corn is a grain not a vegetable. If you can fuel a car with it then how is it good for us? On the farm in order to get our hogs bigger for market and gain weight to make more money. We fed them grain, more lbs mo money, mo money, MO MONEY! Ok, when I tell people this they look at me like I’m an Alien. I’m 99% grain free. I had a nutritionist from a hospital ask me where do you get your fiber from? Educated professional here folks! I eat salads, cooked vegetables and so on, FIBER! I’m just saying, try going 80% grain free, then 20% grain.
Then work that number to 90% grain free / 10% grain. To maybe no grains and then let’s see what happens to your health and performance?
I was definitely gluten sensitive, maybe border line Celiac? I don’t know for sure but grains make me ill, stomach flu feeling ill! So they don’t work for me. But it may not do that to you, but you will feel different once you reduce them in your diet. With that being said, maybe milk affects you more? You have to tweak your diet accordingly to see what works for you. In conclusion, I want to recommend some light reading to you that will help you make better eating decisions. Food Rules- Michael Pollan. Rich Food Poor Food- Jayson Calton, PhD & Mira Calton, CN. Good Luck, and JERF (Just eat real food).

In Strength,
Coach Rusnock