November Blog – Train Smarter & Harder 

 “Stay the course Chris. I see the posts on Facebook of young athletes doing things their bodies are not ready for. Fortunately, I know development, and so do many others. While it is important to educate the public on that, it’s equally as important to avoid negativity. Keep educating, keep the passion and you will remain successful and consistent.”  That was from a parent who is a childhood occupational therapist. 

 It feels good to hear that.  With all the “crap” out there it’s hard for people to sort through it all.  Heck! It’s hard for me to sort through it.  So many times I just want to beat people down and call people out on the Internet, but I realize it’s not worth the time and energy.  It’s up to the strength and conditioning coaches to educate the public. We are the new Physical Education Teacher. That time and energy is worth its weight in gold. 

My mentor Mike Boyle once said, “if it looks like shit, then it’s probably shit.” I have used that approach ever since.  We have to remember to the K.I.S.S. Principal, “keep it simple stupid.”  Fix the dysfunction first, then we can load it with whatever our hearts desire. 

Yours In Strength,

Coach Rusnock